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Apr '20
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Apr '20

AOPA’s regional managers have compiled resources for pilots to check by state regarding travel and general aviation restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic.  

COVID-19 State-By-State Guidelines

This is truly a loss to this community. I use it on a daily basis and this service needs to continue. Like Eric said, I will not cancel my membership, but I will not be quiet about this either!
I am an avid user of desktop Flight Planner and lament its loss.  So now that a change is being forced upon us, AOPA, please seriously consider adding a "fuel stop" feature so we can include one or multiple stops to an overall flight plan instead of having to determine stops for each leg.
I read the notice of the impending demise of the flight planner with great dismay. As a couple others have remarked, it is one of the main reasons I continue paying dues to AOPA. Flight Planner was (and is) a great tool. But alas it appears Jeppesen caught AOPA unawares as they have nothing apparently to replace it. As to AOPA value; I fly a Cherokee circa 1968, and thus am a low budget operator by the aviation standards of today. AOPA has tended to the wants and needs of higher end ...
I have used AOPA Flight Planner but it has limited functionality compared to Foreflight and Garmin Pilot.  Why waste a lot of resources to try to compete with Foreflight, Garmin Pilot, and their acquisitions?  Wouldn’t a more reasonable option be to pursue a deal with the primary players for discounts or even a custom version?
My two cents. I'm very sad to see this go. It's not a perfect tool, but it was pretty good. I used it more than anything else on AOPA's website. I hope you can find a suitable replacement.

I know a subset (probably a large subset) of AOPA members swear by ForeFlight and don't use the desktop planner much anymore. But there are many of us who don't use ForeFlight, and never will (Reason 1: Apple only; Reason 2: Cost). Please continue with your search for a tool that meets the needs of ...
flight planner is one of the most frequency used benefits for me of being a member of AOPA. pls consider this when soliciting membership in the future.  If AOPA is for pilots then you should directly support them.  Consider strategic partnerships.
Bruce Trimble