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Does flying past TBO cause insurance issues should there be an accident or incident?

I believe everyone can agree that BasicMed is a tremendous success as more  pilots are using the alternative medical qualification every month.  One issue that continues to bug us though is the availability of physicians to perform the exams.  Our doctor locator search engine is designed for physicians to sign up as providers and we have quite a number listed by zip code throughout the country.  We are finding though, that for whatever reason, if a doctor is no longer ...

I was reading a response someone made where they said “while in flight, call the tower on the cellphone.” It got me thinking, where would I find the phone number to call the control tower in an emergency?

So, I am in flight and loose my radios, I have my Garmin GPS, my sectional charts, and my cellphone with foreflight on it. Where would I find the tower telephone number? Do I just call FSS and have them relay. I can be sure that in an emergency, once I get someone on the phone, I am not ...

Daddis At AOPA posted new forum topic
Dec '21

The weather is 200 and ½. You just flew the ILS and see the runway. You abandon the approach and go visual. Your landing attempt goes awry and you have to do a go-around. Remaining visual is best, but you cannot, and re-enter the clouds. What is your next move?

To me, the logical move is to fly the missed approach procedure you briefed a few minutes ago and tell ATC you are on the missed approach from a bounced landing (meaning you were on the runway). While it is true the missed ...

Daddis At AOPA posted new forum topic
Dec '21

FAA form 8050-3 is the certificate of aircraft registration. It is issued to an owner and is to be carried aboard the aircraft at all times. It need not be displayed, so it is usually tucked in behind the airworthiness certificate, which must be displayed.

The AOPA pilot information center receives calls weekly from buyers who are not sure what to do with the 8050-3 they were given by the seller of the aircraft they just purchased.

As the seller, please, please, please do not ...