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Daddis At AOPA posted new forum topic
AOPA’s Pilot Information Center receives regulations and privileges questions daily. Recently, a caller had two scenarios to discuss. By the way they were asked, I gathered these were just “what if’s?” and not an actual situation. However, they are interesting and after reviewing, if you have any evidence to point to, please respond and discuss or offer.

Student pilots have many specific endorsements an instructor can add to their logbook for any number of ...
Daddis At AOPA posted new forum topic
AOPA's Pilot Information Center receives daily requests from members looking to check or confirm information regarding their aircraft registration status, or the status of an aircraft they are considering for purchase. FAA maintains this information on their publicly available web site at On the home page, just look for the 'Look Up N-Numbers' search feature on the top right of the page. Type in the N-number, without the N of course, and press 'Go'. You will ...
Daddis At AOPA posted new forum topic
This post was inspired by a recent article published online by AOPA -

Like the title suggests, how many aircraft namesake destinations are there?

Two more examples would be flying a Saratoga to Saratoga, New York, or flying a Tomahawk to Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Get it? How many can we come up with?
Daddis At AOPA posted new forum topic
The results are in!

If you guessed the Cessna 320 Skyknight, the Cessna 411, the Commander 100 Darter, and the Bellanca Viking, have been flying under the hood with no safety pilot!

What if I told you the top 4 (compiled by AOPA Aviation Finance and based on financed purchases) were actually the Skyhawk, Skylane, Cherokee, and Beech 35 Bonanza? No surprise at all, right? All workhorses of the GA fleet for 60 years or more. By sheer numbers alone, the most ...
Daddis At AOPA posted new forum topic
During a recent email contact, a member stated he was buying a 1946 Piper Cub. He noted that the maintenance logs from 1946-1949 were lost, missing, or otherwise destroyed. He also noted the finance company he selected requires complete original logs in order to lend money for the purchase. His question was - how can this be resolved?

Unfortunately, there are some problems that cannot be resolved. This is one such example. Keep in mind that aircraft logbooks, while they ...
After a lot of searching I can't believe how hard it has been to find an answer to what should be a simple question.  How do you conduct the annual ELT inspection and how do you log it.  According to 91.207, all I have to do is remove an access plate (permitted by Part 43, App A), and to comply with 91.207(d):
  1. verify proper installation
  2.  inspect for battery corrosion (and observe battery label for expiration)
  3. operate the controls and activate crash sensor (set to TX and set to ...
Daddis At AOPA posted new forum topic
Mar '21
I get this question a time or two a year. It's a question most pilots never think about, or probably never think about asking.

I am solo in my airplane, cruising at 8,000 feet, and I have the autopilot engaged. Colloquially known as 'George', or, having spent many years flying a Chieftain equipped with a KFC-200 (the Colonel, get it?), do I get to log the PIC time when the autopilot is flying?

It's a good question that normally stems from the section in 61.51(e)(1) that reads ...
Daddis At AOPA posted new forum topic
Mar '21
There are two questions that come up regularly regarding this training requirement - 1. Does a CFII have to provide the training? and 2. Can I do the training in a simulator? The answer to both is no.

According to FAR 61.109(a)(3) or (b)(3), the training is properly referred to as "the control and maneuvering of an airplane solely by reference to instruments, including straight and level flight, constant airspeed climbs and descents, turns to a heading, recovery from ...
Have a PPL SEL.  Considering a new Lighter Than Air (LTA) rating.  Do I need a new student pilot certificate or does the PPL satisfy the requirements?

Note:  Similar question likely to apply to any new rating.
AOPA receives regular inquiries regarding an instructors authority to conduct various training operations without certain endorsements. As an example, must an instructor hold a tailwheel endorsement in order to conduct training in a tailwheel airplane? The answer depends on what type of training is to be offered. Keep in mind that the endorsements in FAR 61.31 are required to serve or act as PIC in various types of aircraft. If the instructor is not, or does not need to ...