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Daddis At AOPA posted new forum topic
As I was answering a member email this past week, I got the impression from the writer that she believed she could take the Private Pilot - Airplane knowledge test online. This is simply not true. While it is true that one can search for a test center, schedule a test, and pay for a test through the PSI company web site -  - you must show up in person at a testing center to actually take the test.

Further, to register for a test, one must also ...
My BFR (FR) has expired and I am not current with respective to landings.   My understanding is that I cannot get current with respective to landings because I cannot act as PIC.   I need a CFI in order to do this.

Do I have this right?
Can I sign off a Private Pilot SEL for solo work prior to his multi-engine check ride?

I don't see where it says I can't but want to make sure.....
If I take off on Monday and land on Tuesday, which day should I use for the logbook?   It would only matter, I suppose, for meeting the currency requirements.

In my travels for PIC, I've trained pilots all over the USA (short of Hawaii), and one common thread is the lack of awareness of the legal requirement to monitor 121.5 (aka "Guard") at all times in flight in the US National Airspace System if capable. Perhaps the reason many folks are unaware of this requirement (not just recommendation) is that it was promulgated as an FDC NOTAM rather than a new FAR. I suspect a lot of folks don't understand that FDC NOTAMs are by definition ...
Daddis At AOPA posted new forum topic
Apr '21
Leave it to the members to ask some really great questions. The one I was asked recently was in reference to 61.129(a)(3)(ii):

>10 hours of training in a complex airplane, a turbine-powered airplane, or a technically advanced airplane (TAA) that meets the requirements of paragraph (j) of this section, or any combination thereof. The airplane must be appropriate to land or sea for the rating sought<

How can one show, or prove, that time was acquired in a ...
Daddis At AOPA posted new forum topic
Apr '21
To whom can you make one request and receive five options? ATC, of course. The option was always my favorite approach while flight training. When a pilot is cleared for the option by ATC, the pilot may make a touch-and-go, low approach, missed approach, stop and go, or full stop landing.

Great for training in that the desired outcome is chosen by the instructor, who can then evaluate how the student handles the selected option. If a student is expecting to land from an ...
Daddis At AOPA posted new forum topic
Apr '21
AOPA’s Pilot Information Center receives regulations and privileges questions daily. Recently, a caller had two scenarios to discuss. By the way they were asked, I gathered these were just “what if’s?” and not an actual situation. However, they are interesting and after reviewing, if you have any evidence to point to, please respond and discuss or offer.

Student pilots have many specific endorsements an instructor can add to their logbook for any number of ...
Daddis At AOPA posted new forum topic
Apr '21
AOPA's Pilot Information Center receives daily requests from members looking to check or confirm information regarding their aircraft registration status, or the status of an aircraft they are considering for purchase. FAA maintains this information on their publicly available web site at On the home page, just look for the 'Look Up N-Numbers' search feature on the top right of the page. Type in the N-number, without the N of course, and press 'Go'. You will ...
Daddis At AOPA posted new forum topic
Mar '21
This post was inspired by a recent article published online by AOPA -

Like the title suggests, how many aircraft namesake destinations are there?

Two more examples would be flying a Saratoga to Saratoga, New York, or flying a Tomahawk to Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Get it? How many can we come up with?