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I have a co-worker that has his rotorcraft private certificate and wants to get his fixed wing rating.  What are the requirements to add on a fixed wing rating for someone that already has a rotorcraft license?  My initial research looks like he may at a minimum need 20hrs with an instructor and 10hrs solo?

Got PPL in 1993. Had about 50 hrs. Didn’t fly until a few weeks ago.  I can’t find my original logbook. Anyway to document those hours?

In the near future I am looking to fly from Western PA to Canton Michigan.  A direct route takes me into Canadian Airspace, but not landing, and saves at least 45 minutes of flying time.  Researching it says that you need to have an “active flight plan”, be talking to ATC when you cross the borders, and have a discrete squawk code.  When doing VFR flight following, 2 of those items will be happening, but is VFR flight following considered an “active flight plan”?

Daddis At AOPA posted new forum topic
May '22

Flying the Alaska Highway (Alcan) from Canada, Northway airport is the first airport encountered upon entering the U.S.

AOPA has been made aware that CBP services are available only at 9am local time and 3pm local time. Two hour advance notice is required via phone at 907-774-2252.

As a reminder, when clearing into the U.S. from Canada, any AOE can be used. There is no requirement to land at an AOE nearest to the border crossing.