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Growler At AOPA posted new forum topic
Growler At AOPA posted new forum topic
May '22

$250k storm damage was reported when a pilot used those ‘inexpensive', hardware-store, cam-lock-sliding straps (worn & wet) instead of a ‘good’ rope. How is your airplane secured? Or how about the airplane ‘up-wind’ of you ??

Is there someway to report a dishonest aircraft broker? I am dealing with a very well known one that has been very dishonest


I am buying a Cessna 172 and am leasing it back to my flight school. I have a few questions with what I should do with the insurance. The flight school wants me to be a ‘named person’ on their policy. As in they hold a policy on the plane itself and liability and they are the sole name on that policy while I am just there. They are also expecting me to pay for this insurance in its entirety. In the event something happens, we would both have to sign to use any funds. I am assuming ...

Amelia Walsh just published an article on AOPA Online about flying to Canada, including the ArriveCan app and the requirement for pre-flight testing, but I'd like to know more details about the arrival procedure.

Before COVID, CBSA rarely actually met your flight upon arrival if you are a small GA aircraft.  Is that still true or do they always meet you now to perform COVID formalities?  The requirement for a negative test says it must be submitted to the flight ...