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Amelia Walsh just published an article on AOPA Online about flying to Canada, including the ArriveCan app and the requirement for pre-flight testing, but I'd like to know more details about the arrival procedure.

Before COVID, CBSA rarely actually met your flight upon arrival if you are a small GA aircraft.  Is that still true or do they always meet you now to perform COVID formalities?  The requirement for a negative test says it must be submitted to the flight ...

Growler At AOPA posted new forum topic
Feb '21
I feel the need for speed !
wow! a new Tiger coming a-n-d, the Tom Cruise Top Gun Maverick sequel in the same year....
I've got about 400 hrs time in the 2-place AA-1A TR2, and about 50 hours in the 150hp AA-5 4-seat Traveler. Anybody want to comment on their Tiger aero-experiences ?
Growler At AOPA posted new forum topic
Nov '20
The Pilot Information Center has just updated their type-clubs list  (125 clubs ! ) just in time for Holiday searching and your winter technical planning !
If you know of anyone we missed, please comment, THANKS ! AOPA / PIC
Type Clubs- aircraft.xlsx
I am planning a private airport on land I already own and want to know how others with their own how they set it up.  I want to have others use it and thinking about building hangar space, living quarters and a building for people to gather at for just day trips. Has anyone had experience owning their own airport?  What are the good and bad on opening it to others?  i.e. Insurance costs?