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My medical was deferred by my AME back in April and I am “patiently“ waiting for the FAA to issue its determination (I  responded to the CAMI letter in June).

Meanwhile…can I legally log my 6 approaches and/or complete an IPC provided a CFII is on board acting as PIC, or I complete the approaches in an ATD?

Hoss At AOPA posted new forum topic

Like the title says, there's a 1973 C172 with a beacon that has been deactivated by the mechanic (it was causing issues in the electrical system). The mechanic states that since the aircraft was built before March 11, 1996 its not required to be functional and that the aircraft can be flown in this condition (during the day) indefinitely (not just to relocate so it can be fixed). 

I have my own opinion on this, but wanted to see what others thought as well. 

Looking for an FAA-approved BATD w/current LOA that I can use/rent in the West Central Florida area to maintain instrument currency.  Not finding many options that does not involve either buying one, having to travel a great distance outside of local commuting area, or needing to sign up at another flight school.  Are there any organizations or individuals who provide BATD’s for rent as a business model?  

Hoss At AOPA posted new forum topic

AOPA published an article on “Tips for Flying to Airventure”, which highlighted some changes this year. But I figured that there are plenty of pilots that have flown into OSH over the years that may also want to share their tips/experiences. Feel free to reply below with those. 

Hoss At AOPA posted new forum topic

The TRUST has been out for about a month now. The FAA sent out a notice that the testing providers had been selected, but you had to read further to determine that the test itself was also available.

The FAA page on the topic explains who needs to take the TRUST and what proof needs to be carried on your person. Interestingly, the requirement to take the TRUST is not a recurring one. The only time you need to retake it is if you lose your original certificate. The testing providers ...

Under section 9A it says Do not interfere with emergency response or law enforcement activities.

Can this be more specific? Does that mean no is to operate a Drone while there is an active Emergency service scene? Does that mean emergency services and their counter parts have priority consideration while you as your own operator can still operate your drone but emergency services can tell you to stop operating?
My flight instructor said AOPA has an online course that will satisfy the ground portion of the flight review but I cannot find it.  Does AOPA have a course like that?
Hi everyone,
Looking for some advice about choosing a good CFI and the things a student pilot should be aware of during their flight training. Some seem to have absolutely stellar experiences and others quite the opposite. I realize that often there may be a flight school involved which requires its own due diligence (are they maintaining their fleet, etc), but what about picking an individual CFI for oneself and assessing if they're a good fit?

1) What should a student ...
I currently hold a commercial pilot certificate, airplane single & multiengine land: instrument airplane certificate and a flight instructor certificate, airplane single engine.

If I added an airplane single engine sea to my commercial pilot certificate, my understanding is that I could teach airplane single engine sea students.

But, is there a minimum amount of experience I would need to log as PIC in an ASES aircraft before teaching students. It seems like there ...
Hoss At AOPA posted new forum topic
May '21
Here's an interesting one. You have a Sport Pilot certificate with privileges in Airplane Single-Engine Land. You have decided after several years that you want to get your Private Pilot certificate in Airplane Single-Engine Land. The training you're receiving towards this goal is being completed in a non-LSA.

Can you log the instruction you are receiving from your CFI towards your Private as both dual received and PIC? At face value this seems to be a simple question ...