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I feel the need for speed !
wow! a new Tiger coming a-n-d, the Tom Cruise Top Gun Maverick sequel in the same year....
I've got about 400 hrs time in the 2-place AA-1A TR2, and about 50 hours in the 150hp AA-5 4-seat Traveler. Anybody want to comment on their Tiger aero-experiences ?
Does anyone know when the new Part 107 recurrent course will be available? I just took the one that I thought was it and was linked by some drone sites, but it had practically nothing on night flying other than saying that you can't do it, so it is obviously not in sync with the new regs that just went into effect. I'm trying to take the course so I can prove currency with the new regs so I can fly at night.

(I still have more than a year left on my currency at this point, but I want to be ...
We have a Cessna 206 with the inflatable amsafe lap belts.  From what little I have found it looks like they should not be used in conjunction with a car seat.  Does anyone have any good experience with these systems? Is there a minimum weight or height I should wait for until I put one of my kids in one? Should I disconnect it in order to use it with a car seat?
Hoss At AOPA posted new forum topic
Mar '21
Interesting question that came through the Pilot Information Center, wanted to see what the group's opinion was.

Here's the question: I did the flight portion of a flight review last month with a client, we completed the ground portion today. What date do I put on the endorsement?
*for examples sake we can say the flight was conducted on 02/07 and the ground was completed today (03/03) .

One answer would be to sign them off the day that all the requirements were complete ...
As you know P-67 is the Bush compound in Kennebunkport, ME.  It was the primary residence of Present George H. W. Bush that passed away in 2018.  While, the residence is still in the family of President George W. Bush, whom is still living, it is my understanding he does not spend any significant time there (I'm not sure of this.). Anyway, the question is when if ever will the prohibited area P-67 be retired?
Hoss At AOPA posted new forum topic
Jan '21
The FAA just made a press release about new tool called the Dynamic Regulatory System (DRS) . It promises to be a very useful tool to any needing to research a regulatory issue or question, a one-stop-shop for information.
I found this guy that can repair NARCO Radios Professional work he has the parts, including the displays. He also does most other older makes (King, Collins, ARC/Cessna, etc)   Reasonable prices.   I been happy with the work.

Yes, they can. But there is a caveat that goes along with that. Assume someone who has never touched the controls of an aircraft (fresh off the street, so to speak), walks into your school and wants to learn how to fly. You give them the usual spiel about times, costs, requirements, etc. This person cannot solo using basic med; rather, he or she must obtain a medical certificate (any class is fine) prior to solo. The reason is that since there is no established medical history ...
I'm a new CFI with just a bit of experience, part time, at a college program.  I'm just starting instruction with a flying club, and I have a meeting with a prospective 16-year-old student and his parents next week.  

Does anyone have some kind of generic permission form to have parents sign for their child to receive flight instruction?  I've tried Googling and searching around on AOPA with no luck.  
Hoss At AOPA posted new forum topic
Dec '20
The FAA just made an official announcement concerning the use of the Moderna vaccine. Waiting period applies to both doses of the vaccine, this one requires 28 days apart.

Announcement can be found here .