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I’m buying an airplane for personal use, and I understand I need to pay sales tax in the state it will be domiciled.  In my case, I have a house in PA and a house in MD, and expect the plane to be in each about half of the time.  Where do I file and pay the tax?

Island Boy At AOPA posted new forum topic

If your aircraft is committed to an international flight and you are waiting on your permanent registration or you have not filed the registration paperwork yet, you can request priority handling.  The FAA can fax you a 30-day Temporary Certificate of Registration which is good for operations outside of the United States.  All documents must be in order and the aircraft must meet airworthiness requirements.  Keep in mind this is for legitimately scheduled ...

If you ever want to make a flight to as cool a destination as a pilot could fly to, put the Wright Brothers National Memorial at First Flight airport on your bucket list.

By all means, check out the monument, but you must see the First Flight Boulder and Flight Line, where you can walk the path of those four flights on December 17th, 1903. The first of which, you all know the story:

Orville at the controls, Wilbur running alongside in John Daniels' iconic picture below, 10:35am, ...

Hi everyone.

I hope everyone is safe and well. I’m relatively new to the world of IFR training and my CFII is exhibiting great patience with me as I struggle to maintain altitudes, headings, MY head, etc.  I am very much looking forward to continuing my learning.

There are a huge number of people, companies etc. out there who have committed themselves to creating videos, articles and ensuring that information is passed along in hopes that we can become better, safer ...

We are often asked if a Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant can “perform” a BasicMed physical exam. Per the language in AC 68-1, the exam is to be performed by a “state licensed physician," but the NP or PA may “assist” with the exam, as long as the form is signed by the MD or DO.  There is no definition of “assist” so as long as the form is signed by the physician, you should be fine.

“All state-licensed physicians are qualified to perform a BasicMed exam. Advanced ...