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Moot At AOPA posted new forum topic
Sep '21

When buying and aircraft it is highly recommended to get a “Title Search” to see if there are any liens or encumbrances on the aircraft before you purchase it.  This often brings up the question for new and old buyers alike.  “Does an aircraft have a Title?” and the answer is no aircraft do not have Titles, ownership is established by the registration, which is why the FAA Aircraft Registration Branch is so picky when processing new registration applications making sure ...

Moot At AOPA posted new forum topic
Jul '21

My flying club has an experimental aircraft and it's registered in an LLC.  Who is listed as the owner when applying for a LODA to train in the aircraft?  Is it the LLC or does every member of the Flying Club need to get their own LODA for the aircraft?

Moot At AOPA posted new forum topic
Jul '21
Moot At AOPA posted new forum topic
May '21
My flight instructor said AOPA has an online course that will satisfy the ground portion of the flight review but I cannot find it.  Does AOPA have a course like that?