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What would be the best approach to the following request for medical data from the FAA? A quick background is that I attended an out-patient alcohol treatment program recently on my own free will, I am on a low dose medication for depression and anxiety for the last 10 years and also had cataract surgery about 5 years back. 

“A typed detailed report from your treating physician regarding your use of Bupropion, to include date prescribed, history, dosage, frequency ...

Like the title says, there's a 1973 C172 with a beacon that has been deactivated by the mechanic (it was causing issues in the electrical system). The mechanic states that since the aircraft was built before March 11, 1996 its not required to be functional and that the aircraft can be flown in this condition (during the day) indefinitely (not just to relocate so it can be fixed). 

I have my own opinion on this, but wanted to see what others thought as well. 

My flying club has an experimental aircraft and it's registered in an LLC.  Who is listed as the owner when applying for a LODA to train in the aircraft?  Is it the LLC or does every member of the Flying Club need to get their own LODA for the aircraft?

Ruprecht At AOPA posted new forum topic
Jul '21