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Hello. I was told I had a 90-day deadline to submit the required info for my medical, and I just now realized I did the math wrong and the deadline to request an extension on my case was yesterday instead of tomorrow. If I call tomorrow and ask for an extension on my case, would it be too late? One of the professionals I saw said the FAA probably won't close my case anyway if they see I'm working on it, so would they have even closed my case by now at all? Thanks.

The 2021 Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners states that, “An individual may be considered for an FAA authorization of a Special Issuance (SI) or Special Consideration (SC) of a Medical Certificate (Authorization) if…”, in addition to other things, "…the applicant DOES NOT have symptoms or history of: 

  • Psychosis
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Electro convulsive therapy
  • Treatment with multiple SSRIs concurrently
  • Multi-agent drug protocol use (prior use of other ...
Are there any medical certification issues with bee sting allergies and being prescribed an epipen?
Hi all,

First, Happy New Year! And thanks for providing such a platform.

I have JUST received my medical certificate after 4 months of wait time, quite happy about that, I'll finally be able to solo.

However, in the "limitations" part of the certificate is written "Must wear lenses for distant, have glasses for near visions.". The thing is, I have never had lenses or glasses, and my eyesight tests were positive when visiting my AME to kickstart the process.

Is that a normal ...
I want to laminate my first-class medical certificate so it doesn't get crumpled for any reason. Will this invalidate it? I've done some research online and there only seem to be provisions for laminating permanent certificates, of which the medical is a temporary certificate.