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Just FYI.  Time frame for medical deferral review is looking to be about 6 weeks.

I received the medical deferral letter from the FAA.  My initial AME application was deferred on 1/7/22, and I received the letter today, 2/16/22.  So almost 6 weeks for the FAA to review and send out a letter.  Hopefully I can get everything together for them next week.  If I can't get a special issuance, then my dreams of flying will die in short order.

There is one bit of information that the FAA ...

A quick breakdown of my history, I took 10mg of Lexapro from April 18-2021 for mild generalized anxiety. The start of 2021 I reduced to 5mg, by November 2.5mg and January of this year I was off totally. I've been off now for about 5 months and have an appointment scheduled with my local AME in June. I have gathered a letter from my treating physician stating my history and that I am now in great health. I have written a personal letter. Is there anything else I should have before ...

I think this was answered some time ago but the situation there was unclear to me with regards to prior medical certificate. So apologies, if asked and answered but here goes:

My BasicMed expired 4/21. In 2/21 I was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma, had surgery to remove the tumor and underwent chemo through 10/21 and am now NED and in surveillance for the next 2 years. Since I was never denied a third-class certificate, did have an active BasicMed previously, if I ...

The most recent AOPA Pilot magazine chronicles how it recommended the FAA allow DPEs to perform exams while utilizing Basic Med ("Alleviating ‘illogical restrictions’," p. 12).  This is great and much-needed!  Is there a timeline during which the FAA will consider that recommendation?  What is the progress on that issue?  Are they actively considering that?  When will they make a decision?

Hello everyone, 

I have a third class medical that was issued in 4/2021. In 11/2021 I started talking to a therapist to help me cope with some big stressors in my life last year, went through a separation, and moved across state. I haven't flown since I moved. Things are a lot better now, and stopped therapy. Last week I found out that the therapist had been billing my insurance for single episode major depressive disorder. The therapist never discussed the diagnosis with ...