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Wildermind At AOPA posted new forum topic
Aug '21

I believe everyone can agree that BasicMed is a tremendous success as more  pilots are using the alternative medical qualification every month.  One issue that continues to bug us though is the availability of physicians to perform the exams.  Our doctor locator search engine is designed for physicians to sign up as providers and we have quite a number listed by zip code throughout the country.  We are finding though, that for whatever reason, if a doctor is no longer ...

Hello Everyone,
I'm seeking guidance and clarification on this whole SSRI process. I have read tons of material and documentation from the FAA website and countless forums, but none of them quite given me clear information.

Background: I am an Army Vet and full-time Army Reservists with 19 years of service, ERAU graduate, about to retire from the military, and want to transition careers to become a professional pilot. I deployed to Iraq in 2004-2005 during the climax of ...
In 2013 at the age of 20 I was in the process of getting my pilots license and went to get a third class medical card. I was denied by the AME since I listed on the form that I had two collapsed lungs (same lung different times) and my info was sent off to the FAA for further review. Long story short I had fallen off of the roof of a building and landed striking my chest on a object roughly a year and a half before I applied for FAA medical. I did not puncture anything or seek medical ...
I’m curious if anyone knows if Canada is seriously looking into accepting Basic Med for US pilots entering Canada.
I have private third class medical and had planned on moving on with basic med.  My question:  I wish to pursue instruction as CFII.  Can this be accomplished with basic med ?  Hurdles?  Please elaborate.
Bruce Hill