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Wildermind At AOPA posted new forum topic

The success of BasicMed is diminished only by a lack of physicians around the country who will perform the exam for pilots.  If you know doctors who are  open to providing this service , please invite them to add their contact information to the Find A doctor database.  Any state licensed physician may do BasicMed exams and there are many areas of the country where we just don't have enough physicians without having to travel a considerable distance.  Complete ...

I'm applying for my Third Class certification and have a question about subj. Had my prostate removed in 2016 with reportedly clean margins and PSA was negligible after that until last year, when it crept up just over the 0.2 level of biochemical recurrence. This year, it's still over the 0.2 level but not going up rapidly and my oncologist says the best course is to just wait and see if/when it goes up any further. I have zero symptoms and would like to start flight training, ...

Wildermind At AOPA posted new forum topic

Pilots can now log into their MedXpress accounts and see the progress of their medical application through the FAA system.  It just launched April 15th, so this is a step in the right direction with the FAA's goal of being more transparent in their process of reviewing medical applications and supporting documentation. 

Wildermind At AOPA posted new forum topic
Mar '22

Sad but true, we deal with many pilots who have DUIs or other “alcohol-related motor vehicle actions” that are reportable in item 18v of the medical application.  Sometimes, those DUIs are “expunged” over time and non-aviation attorneys often advise their clients that expunged convictions are not reportable to the FAA.  That is very bad counsel and totally incorrect.  Any and all prior DUIs, OWIs, DWIs are reportable and subject to review by the FAA.  The Guide for ...