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Hi am a Private Pilot currently working on my instrument rating. Am looking out for a study/fly buddy who is also a private pilot or commercial pilot, who is also working on his/her instrument rating, and to share/build cockpit time too. Thanks a lot. Dozie(Houston Texas)

I'm about to return to the instruction ranks. I've had my CFI for 30+ years and I've taught ~250 people to fly. But none in the last 15 years. I've kept my CFI current along the way.

My question is about how much technology to introduce to new primary students. Something like ForeFlight didn't even exist during my main stint of instructing (hell - I was using LORAN).

Is it best to stick to the basics, paper charts, and logbooks at first? Is there a benefit to using something like ...

Both fully qualified pilots share the workload of piloting and alternate controls. Who can log as PIC?

My plane has been out of annual for several years.  Mechanic who is working on it has completed the AD's but not the annual because a new prop has been ordered.  I want him to enter what he did for the ADs in the log books.  He says he cannot until he finishes the annual.  I have had trouble in the past when work was done and the mechanic left the business and did not enter his work in the log books.  Can I require that he enter his work done before he completes the annual?

Hello! My husband has a Cessna 182 located in Artesia, NM and is looking for an A&P for annuals/maintenance.

Thank you in advance!