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Hi everyone, and especially Dr. Chien,

I'm trying to get my third class medical so I can get my student certificate toward an eventual private and instrument rating.

I had ONE overt act related to depression 26 years ago and have been on medications ever since with no subsequent incidents. I'm on Celexa, which is one of the four SSRIs one can be taking and have hope of a special issuance.

I had my physical on Feb 8 and my doctor submitted my documentation after I obtained the ...
Hello Everyone,
I'm seeking guidance and clarification on this whole SSRI process. I have read tons of material and documentation from the FAA website and countless forums, but none of them quite given me clear information.

Background: I am an Army Vet and full-time Army Reservists with 19 years of service, ERAU graduate, about to retire from the military, and want to transition careers to become a professional pilot. I deployed to Iraq in 2004-2005 during the climax of ...
I have cataracts developing and will need surgery before long. I've been researching the different types of lens implants and would really appreciate opinions and advice from fellow pilots with recent cataract surgery as to which type of lens implants work best for flying.
Other than 2 artificial knees and 2 stents I had put in about 15 years ago for blocked arteries, I'm in excellent health at 67.  I want to fulfil a life goal of getting my private pilots license but am worried the stents I had put in 15 years ago might be a problem.  If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it.  I'm currently doing ground school but don't want to throw money at flight training if there is no chance of getting my medical.  I never had any issues after the stents ...
I went to my primary MD for a physical last week.  He completed Section 3 of FAA 8700-2 and signed the physician's declaration.  I took the online course and printed the certificate.  However, I later noticed the MD had not checked items #19 and #20 on the checklist.

Next to #19 he wrote "No apparent defects, not objectively tested" and next to #20 he wrote "Appt at Ophthal" (because I told him I had my annual appointment scheduled for later in the week).  When I returned the ...
My 3rd class certificate (special issuance) will expire 08/2020.  I submitted my application in MedXpress and went to my AME with all of the documentation requested by the FAA for a certificate renewal.  My AME told me  he had to defer my application to the FAA.  I decided to go with BasicMed and completed all of the requirements for BasicMed.  When I notified my AME that I had gone to BasicMed and would he withdraw my applicationto the FAA.  His response is "Your existing ...
When I was completing the medical application for my 3rd class certificate I thought that the question about medical visits was for surgeries and/or major issues but I didn't realize that I had to place my last regular visit to my primary doctor for the regular annual physical and the last visit to my chiropractor for regular monthly adjustments (not related to any injury or medical issues). 

What do I do at this point? I tried to update/correct the application in ...
If you had your prostate removed and there were clean margins and no extension into the lymph glands, in other words, you are demonstrably cancer-free, how soon could you return to flight and what form would my surgeon need to help me with this? 

And yes, I know it isn't this easy, but am hopeful anyway...
There has been a string of posts regarding getting a special issuance medical after aortic Valve replacement.  I’m going to have a repair done on my mitral valve.  I wonder if anyone has posted or can share their experience for getting a medical after mitral valve repair.  Thanks! Dan
In 2013 at the age of 20 I was in the process of getting my pilots license and went to get a third class medical card. I was denied by the AME since I listed on the form that I had two collapsed lungs (same lung different times) and my info was sent off to the FAA for further review. Long story short I had fallen off of the roof of a building and landed striking my chest on a object roughly a year and a half before I applied for FAA medical. I did not puncture anything or seek medical ...