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My AME sent my packet in to the FAA on the first of this month, and I was wondering how long I'd need to wait for the FAA to come to a decision. Is it going to be months like I've seen some people say?

What is the current timeframe, amid the chaos of the pandemic, should I expect to hear from the FAA on its determination of my deferred medical?

My Class 2 was deferred by my AME in April. I submitted what I hope was appropriate documentation back to the FAA on June 1st, with confirmed receipt on June 3rd. It’s been over 60 days now and I’m beginning to get concerned I haven’t heard anything.

Hi everyone, and especially Dr. Chien,

I'm trying to get my third class medical so I can get my student certificate toward an eventual private and instrument rating.

I had ONE overt act related to depression 26 years ago and have been on medications ever since with no subsequent incidents. I'm on Celexa, which is one of the four SSRIs one can be taking and have hope of a special issuance.

I had my physical on Feb 8 and my doctor submitted my documentation after I obtained the ...
Hello Everyone,
I'm seeking guidance and clarification on this whole SSRI process. I have read tons of material and documentation from the FAA website and countless forums, but none of them quite given me clear information.

Background: I am an Army Vet and full-time Army Reservists with 19 years of service, ERAU graduate, about to retire from the military, and want to transition careers to become a professional pilot. I deployed to Iraq in 2004-2005 during the climax of ...
I have cataracts developing and will need surgery before long. I've been researching the different types of lens implants and would really appreciate opinions and advice from fellow pilots with recent cataract surgery as to which type of lens implants work best for flying.