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John Yurkon posted new forum topic
Feb '21
The Sweepstakes Rules state: "Potential winners will be notified within ten (10) days by email, mail, commercial courier, or by phone. Three attempts will be made to contact potential prize winners within a ten (10) day period."

So how is it possible to surprise the winner by showing up with the aircraft?

What is the purpose of having potential Canadian winners answer a time limited mathematical skill-testing quiz?

Just curious.
I am curious what happens to someone who cannot pass the color blindness part of a Class III FAA physical.  I have perfect color vision, but was just curious. It seems that the color blindness test involves the ability to see light gun signals from the tower in event of a radio failure.  Is this really necessary these days? 
There isn't a separate column in my logbook for solo time (as differentiated from PIC time with a passenger). Should I add one and keep track of it? Are there any ratings or certifications that require solo time? Or am I fine just logging solo time and time with a passenger as the same kind of time (PIC)?