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Stephen Enk posted new forum topic
May '21
A two part question.  If a CFII has renewed his flight instructor certificate when his BFR has expired, does he have to complete the flight requirements of a BFR in order to for his BFR to be considered renewed?    

Then, regardless of the above if the CFII is giving a BFR to another pilot whose BFR has expired, the CFII would be considered PIC and has to be current with respect to a BFR and, at the very least, with respect to landings.    Is this correct?
Stephen Enk posted new forum topic
May '21
My BFR (FR) has expired and I am not current with respective to landings.   My understanding is that I cannot get current with respective to landings because I cannot act as PIC.   I need a CFI in order to do this.

Do I have this right?