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Walter Nygard posted new forum topic
Mar '20
I have used AOPA Flight Planner but it has limited functionality compared to Foreflight and Garmin Pilot.  Why waste a lot of resources to try to compete with Foreflight, Garmin Pilot, and their acquisitions?  Wouldn’t a more reasonable option be to pursue a deal with the primary players for discounts or even a custom version?
I have been using the AOPA desktop flight planner for years, and it has evolved to be my go-to planner.
Before each flight I check the weather then pull up the plan, look at the winds aloft in the optimizer, adjust if needed and print out the Kneeboard size plan.
Then I reverse the plan, print out the reverse kneeboard.  I use these on every single flight.  I will be very disappointed if you cannot provide an equivalent type of planner.function as part of our AOPA membership.