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Reading the SFAR, a private pilot can't even go up to stay current if their BFR currency has expired.?
i.e. 3 Touch & Go's, night, etc. Not even a joy ride. Only for business or to a maintenance shop.
My Wings-BFR expired this 4/30. I had completed all but last 2 flight requirements just before the "stay at home orders" were implemented. Last course phase in 12/2019. This would be my 6 Wings.
The following SFAR rules apply... is my understanding of the correct, & what options are there to return BFR currency? 

From the FAA SFRA:

Pg. 14;

"Additionally, this relief applies to some operations conducted by pilots exercising private pilot privileges, provided the pilot has at least 500 hours of total time as a pilot of which 400 hours is as PIC and 50 of the PIC hours were accrued in the last 12 calendar months. The kinds of operations permitted are those that are: 

1) incidental to business or employment, 
2) in support of family medical needs or to transport essential goods for            personal use, 
3) necessary to fly an aircraft to a location in order to meet a requirement of       this chapter, or 
4) a flight to transport essential goods and/or medical supplies to support         public health needs. 

This SFAR also extends to pilots conducting charitable medical flights for a volunteer pilot organization pursuant to an exemption issued under part 11, provided the pilots continue to comply with the conditions and limitations of the exemption. For flights conducted by private pilots under this relief, no one may be carried on the aircraft unless that person is essential to the 
purpose of the flight, such as when transporting doctors for the purpose of providing medical care. This relief does not permit private pilots to conduct these operations for compensation or hire unless permitted under the exception in §61.113(b), (d), (e), or (h), or by exemption.26"

Pg. 18;

"The FAA finds, under the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID-19 outbreak, that extending the 24 calendar month requirement of §61.56(c) by up to three calendar months will not adversely affect safety, provided the extension applies to active pilots and certain risk mitigations are met. The three calendar month extension applies to pilots who were current to act 
as PIC of an aircraft in March 2020 and whose flight review was due in March 2020 through June 2020. To mitigate any safety risk, the pilot must have logged at least 10 hours of PIC time within the twelve calendar months preceding the month the flight review was due. This flight time must be obtained in an aircraft for which that pilot is rated.31 In addition, eligible pilots will need to complete FAA Safety Team online courses totaling at least three WINGS credits.32 The courses must have been completed in January 2020 or later to meet this requirement.Completion of the safety courses demonstrates continued learning and pilot professional development."

Thanks, MEH.