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Kristen Rayner posted new forum topic
May '21
Hi everyone,
Looking for some advice about choosing a good CFI and the things a student pilot should be aware of during their flight training. Some seem to have absolutely stellar experiences and others quite the opposite. I realize that often there may be a flight school involved which requires its own due diligence (are they maintaining their fleet, etc), but what about picking an individual CFI for oneself and assessing if they're a good fit?

1) What should a student ...
Hello everyone, just making an introduction. I am brand new to flying and taking lessons (currently working towards my sport license). One day I hope to make it to my CFI but $$$ is my major hurdle.

I fell in love with aviation through an interest in WWI aviation and the pioneers. I would like to build a replica one day just for fun (probably a Nieuport) but I really can't get twin-engine Cessnas out of my head. I am in eastern NC and enjoy sailing around the sounds here. Well ...

Mike Marra here from Carlisle, PA (N94 Airport).  Proud Cessna 150M owner since 1998.

Member of the "Keystone Flight Flying Club -- we are an eating club with a flying problem."

Always up for a flight for a good crab cake, burger or pizza!

Great to see you all here and hope to meet up with some of you at some airport cafe' somewhere!

The Keystone Flight plans flying outings on our site:

All welcome!

All the best ...