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There was a recent announcement that iFlightPlanner can now sync flight plans with various EFBs, however it's not obvious on the web app how to set that up. It's not in the iFlightplanner Guide either. i'd like to be able to create a flight plan in iFlightplanner and have it show up in Foreflight. Since I have AOPA enabled in 1800wxbrief, that will give me a way to activate a flight plan by text, where planning a flight on Foreflight alone does not.
I like the new AOPA iFlightPlanner, but...
Is there a way to have it generate a GPX file of a planned flight for me to upload into my equipment without upgrading to iFlightPlanner Premium?
From AOPA I understand that printing out in Kneeboard format is not possible.  To print out Nav Logs, for me, it is crucial to use Kneeboard format.
Any solutions ?