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After a lot of searching I can't believe how hard it has been to find an answer to what should be a simple question.  How do you conduct the annual ELT inspection and how do you log it.  According to 91.207, all I have to do is remove an access plate (permitted by Part 43, App A), and to comply with 91.207(d):
  1. verify proper installation
  2.  inspect for battery corrosion (and observe battery label for expiration)
  3. operate the controls and activate crash sensor (set to TX and set to ...

For me, it was DCA - Washington National. Back in the day (early 1990's), all you needed was a class B (or TCA) clearance to enter VFR. The same for departing.

On one particularly nice, but breezy spring day with the winds out of the east, I was cleared for takeoff on runway 3, maintain runway heading on climb out, until clear of P-56, then on course. On most days with a normal west wind, that clearance would take you just east of P-56. On this day, however, it was clear I would ...

Having a problem with iPad overheating inflight in a high wing (Cessna 182), iPad mounted on yoke. Partially due to protective case, but others without the case have similar issues. I see only two products that appear to address the cooling issue, one with a wide range of reviews the other without any reviews and a mega-price. Has anyone done a controlled test of iPad cooling systems? I'm currently using an iPadAir2, willing to consider an iPad without a protective case

AOPA published an article on “Tips for Flying to Airventure”, which highlighted some changes this year. But I figured that there are plenty of pilots that have flown into OSH over the years that may also want to share their tips/experiences. Feel free to reply below with those. 

Can a flying club be affiliated with both the AOPA and EAA (perhaps for simplicity)? Do those respective clubs differ too much for joint affiliations?