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I currently rent from my flying club and plan to purchase aircraft renters’ insurance. That would cover bodily injury, property damage and aircraft damage liability. I have a personal umbrella policy which excludes aircraft renal/use/etc. This appears to be the practice among all the major insurance carriers and they will not offer coverage for aircraft use (I called GEICO, Amica and checked a few others on line). I am wondering how other pilots are protecting their ...
My insurance agent told me that most of their companies are dropping coverage for pilots 75 and older and that only two companies bid on a policy. I have no accidents or incidents and fly a modern fixed gear aircraft with one of the industry's best safety ratings. The rate has doubled. It would be nice to find a lower rate but I am even more concerned about getting dropped next year or the year after that even though I have no medical issues.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Any small (5<) members using accounting software for non-profit entities to track expenses and save money from dues and hourly flight charges for Annual inspections, insurance, hangar rent, engine/prop overhauls, upgrades, contingencies?
Please do away with the pop-ups on the page.  I will always leave a page with pop-ups.  I pay to be part of AOPA for the advocacy and ease of information access.  A full screen pop-up asking if I have a question is not helpful.
I am curious what happens to someone who cannot pass the color blindness part of a Class III FAA physical.  I have perfect color vision, but was just curious. It seems that the color blindness test involves the ability to see light gun signals from the tower in event of a radio failure.  Is this really necessary these days?