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No - seriously.

She read an article of how a 63 year old died while piloting an aircraft and the only reason they knew that happened is another pilot was in the plane and landed it.  So, now she is of the belief people my age, 65 should not fly.  Especially since commercial airline pilots can't fly for the airlines any more past 65.  Of course, we all know she is wrong. However. I guess that is what happens when you make assumptions based on beliefs and tidbits of information here ...

Our club has a Cessna 182P that runs hot.  We have a cylinder head temperature monitoring system and we have to run it almost full-rich  to keep the cylinder heads under 400 degrees most of the time.  

Our home base is in Colorado at ~4500 MSL, so generally airplanes need to lean a little even on the ground and most certainly after we're airborne and running in the 9000-12000 ft range.   We've had it looked at many times and the mechanics don't seem to find anything wrong.  

We can ...

I have a place leased at my local airport ans I have enough space to build two 60x60 hangars with about 40' between them, or I can build three 60X60 hangars with joined walls. I will sell 2 of the 3 units. Has anyone seen joined hangars of this size in the past and can you please weigh in with your thoughts pro's and con's?