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Claudio Friederich posted new forum topic
Feb '21
Does the mask mandate apply when, by definition, you are completely alone, i.e. if you are in your own, one-aircraft hangar or tie-down area, preflighting or postflighting your own aircraft as the sole occupant, where by definition, there is nobody else there, nor will be there?  If so, AOPA should seek an exemption for that, because requiring a mask when you are completely alone by definition makes no sense.  Furthermore, preflighting with a mask is difficult, and ...
Hi,  I'm Sid H,

Looking to buy an aircraft, have a single engine rating w/instrument ticket, 700 hrs in 172s, PA28 180s, PA32s.  
Would like a faster plane because I like to do cross country flight. Mostly fly solo, occasional passenger or two.  Usually fly once or twice a month.  Live in Baltimore, MD., Fly out of Middle River, MD.   Looking at a Mooney or Bonanza platform.  Please provide your thought.  Pros/Cons, etc, Love Flying!!!
So for context I am a student pilot with about 25 hours in a 2001 172SP, and I am 18 years old
My last flight training I have had was with my Instructor, who I really like.
The winds were around 15 gust 20 and were 60 degrees off of the runway heading, and I wanted to get some experience with crosswinds, we've done it before but my instructor had to do everything.
So it was a busy day in the pattern, and I did 2-3 touch n' go's in, the first two being a long and slow approach holding it above ...