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My son is pursuing a career in aviation and recently discovered he has a color deficiency.   We have taken most of the FAA approved vision tests with no success.  We are looking for an Optometrist / Opthamologist / AME or any doctors office that may have the Dvorine Plates.  Online information, including the AOPA indicate that the Dvorine has the highest success rate among people with color deficiencies.   Does anyone know pilot who has used this test or any office that may ...

No - seriously.

She read an article of how a 63 year old died while piloting an aircraft and the only reason they knew that happened is another pilot was in the plane and landed it.  So, now she is of the belief people my age, 65 should not fly.  Especially since commercial airline pilots can't fly for the airlines any more past 65.  Of course, we all know she is wrong. However. I guess that is what happens when you make assumptions based on beliefs and tidbits of information here ...
I am curious what happens to someone who cannot pass the color blindness part of a Class III FAA physical.  I have perfect color vision, but was just curious. It seems that the color blindness test involves the ability to see light gun signals from the tower in event of a radio failure.  Is this really necessary these days?