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I have started a new Facebook group called airplane-appraiser.
All are welcome.  Being less than 2 weeks old, there are already a number of good posts.
Please read and expect to adhere to the "About" section which I have copied here.

Airplane-appraiser is a group which welcomes pilots, would be pilots, rebuilders of aircraft, curators of museums that collect aircraft, banks who lend money to purchase aircraft and those in the legal profession who try to right the wrong ...


I am buying a Cessna 172 and am leasing it back to my flight school. I have a few questions with what I should do with the insurance. The flight school wants me to be a ‘named person’ on their policy. As in they hold a policy on the plane itself and liability and they are the sole name on that policy while I am just there. They are also expecting me to pay for this insurance in its entirety. In the event something happens, we would both have to sign to use any funds. I am assuming ...

I have been out of flying for 18yrs. I left with my 3rd class medical and a private complex ticket. I currently am on Warfin and have had no issues. I am a police officer still and also pass my commercial drivers license medical every year. Anyone have advice on attempting to get my 3rd class medical back? I have an appointment with a new Cardiologist in June and would like to be prepared. I have all my surgical notes and pervious test. Any advice would be great. New Member and I ...
Does AOPA still have the aircraft appraisal (VREF) application on its web sight?   If it is , where can I locate it on the AOPA web sight?  
Need recommendation for an aviation attorney(s) in dealing with some issues relating to an annual inspection and some unethical acts by a repair shop.  I'm in Maryland and the shop is in Connecticut.