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I have a place leased at my local airport ans I have enough space to build two 60x60 hangars with about 40' between them, or I can build three 60X60 hangars with joined walls. I will sell 2 of the 3 units. Has anyone seen joined hangars of this size in the past and can you please weigh in with your thoughts pro's and con's? 


I am buying a Cessna 172 and am leasing it back to my flight school. I have a few questions with what I should do with the insurance. The flight school wants me to be a ‘named person’ on their policy. As in they hold a policy on the plane itself and liability and they are the sole name on that policy while I am just there. They are also expecting me to pay for this insurance in its entirety. In the event something happens, we would both have to sign to use any funds. I am assuming ...

My insurance agent told me that most of their companies are dropping coverage for pilots 75 and older and that only two companies bid on a policy. I have no accidents or incidents and fly a modern fixed gear aircraft with one of the industry's best safety ratings. The rate has doubled. It would be nice to find a lower rate but I am even more concerned about getting dropped next year or the year after that even though I have no medical issues.

Does anyone have any suggestions?