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Peter Kofman posted new forum topic
Mar '22

I want to go to KGMU or other next week ( April 1-10 2022) . I need some itinerant hangar space and some fuel + fbo services… ( Mooney m20m) . what is the best fbo in town .. anyone with thoughts or that can provide some assisitance.   ?

Met an 85 yr old CFI - too, John Glenn flew in the space shuttle at 77.  Okay then - figured at 68 the least I could do is FINALLY learn to fly.
Planning on Instrument, Commercial and CFI certificates, but first - let's get that PPL.  Can't wait!
Anyone else experiencing huge insurance increases?  We are a flying club with two aircraft and are shocked by the increase.  Seems to be an industry move to recover costs from hurricane and other natural disasters.  Insuring a Cessna 172 and a Cessna 182 should be low risk but looks like we are paying for the costs of others.  We don't live in a hurricane risk area.
Peter Kofman posted new forum topic
May '19
I too took a long break from flying when i had kids,,etc etc. etc.  Ive been back at it  for a few years. Now in my 60's , and after some effort, i have to admit that although i lost a few years of having a bird , the effort to come back was 1000% worth it. If you have ever stepped away it is worth the effort to come back . I pormise that when you step back into avIation ( im about a 1000 hr pilot ) that first flight on your own will feel like your first solo......worth every once of ...
I am a Canadian pilot so im sorry for this basic question but could not find the specific answer
If I overfly a class E airport what is the minimum required elevation that is mandated. 
We have a minimum elevation that we must overfly an uncontrolled  ( or non towered ) airport in Canada
Class D airports seem to be all noted with a top 
Just curious?