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I have an expired CFI with Airplane Single And Multiengine, and Instrument Airplane ratings. Issued in 1977.
In reading CFR Part 61, 5-502 it says:

5-502    REINSTATEMENT.  A holder of an expired flight instructor certificate issued after November 1, 1975, may have all ratings reinstated by accomplishing a flight instructor additional rating practical test. If appropriate, for an additional flight instructor rating, an aeronautical knowledge test may be ...

We are considering upgrading from a King Air 200 to a 350.  We always fly 2 pilots, both hold current type ratings and recurrent training for the 350 with experience in the 300 series aircraft.  Our insurance broker/agent is telling us that in the very near future insurance will not be available on just about any aircraft that requires a type rating if the pilot/pilots are over 65.  Has anyone else run into or heard of this type rating limitation and age restriction?