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Hey fellow aviators!

I just started Sporty's Learn to Fly online course for ground school, with ASA's "The Complete Private Pilot" by Bob Gardner for supplementary material. I've been fascinated by planes since around age 7 and flew with my Aviation Club in high school from 1997 through 2001.

Question: Is it possible to go through my entire ground school training and FAA Knowledge Exam without CFI assistance? I, like many people, don't have the money (yet) for an ...

     I am currently pursuing a Professional Pilot degree in college and am trying to figure out what all jobs are out there. I've already figured out that I'm not really interested in the airlines. I enjoy nature a lot and would like to find some way to combine aviation and nature in a job. Air tour is something that interests me. I also think bush flying would be cool although I've heard that involves having some ability to fix things when they break which I am inherently ...
Please do away with the pop-ups on the page.  I will always leave a page with pop-ups.  I pay to be part of AOPA for the advocacy and ease of information access.  A full screen pop-up asking if I have a question is not helpful.