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Hi,  I'm Sid H,

Looking to buy an aircraft, have a single engine rating w/instrument ticket, 700 hrs in 172s, PA28 180s, PA32s.  
Would like a faster plane because I like to do cross country flight. Mostly fly solo, occasional passenger or two.  Usually fly once or twice a month.  Live in Baltimore, MD., Fly out of Middle River, MD.   Looking at a Mooney or Bonanza platform.  Please provide your thought.  Pros/Cons, etc, Love Flying!!!
Dave Rice posted new forum topic
Dec '20
I have an oil pan heating pad (attached via adhesive applied to bottom of my oil pan).  This device is like "heat tape", and basically heats up the oil indirectly by heating up the pan it sits in.  

Of course, as an aircraft owner, I'm aware of the importance of flying my aircraft regularly, and of course I attempt to do that.  However, as many busy professionals know, life sometimes gets in the way (curiously more often when it's cold ;-) and prevents my flying as much as I would ...
AOPA's Pilot Information Center gets this type of call on a regular basis. An owner wants to bring on a co-owner, a father wants to add his son, a mother wants to add her daughter, and so on. 

Unfortunately, one cannot just 'add' another person to an aircraft registration. The aircraft must be sold from the current owner to the current owner, and to the new owner. Fortunately, the process is fairly simple: The registered owner drafts a bill of sale (FAA form 8050-2) with ...
I have a 1977 Archer that has had a G5 installed. I was wondering what the requirements are for backup instruments. I'm looking at installing either a second G5 or the new AV-30-C and would like to remove my vacuum system. Where is the required items listed for EFIS backup?

Once you are out of the surly bonds of earth and its gravity, which way is North?