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Hi all, 

I have a Piper Cherokee 140 with a 180 engine and constant speed prop. I have an AD (2009-22-03) that requires an ECI (eddy current inspection)  type inspection every 100 hours. I am the new owner of this plane and since I bought it at a dealer I was not able to ask the previous owner all the ins and outs of this airplane. 
That being said, I am located in Wisconsin, in the greater Milwaukee area. I have found 1 business that does eddy current inspections but most of the ...
Good afternoon

i’m contemplating purchasing a 1968 Piper Arrow and wish to inquire about the PA-28 AD covering the lower wing strut electric current inspection.

what is the recent development on this AD?
how much could it cost to inspect?
How much could it cost to correct?

thank in advance

E from Laval Qc
Hi All, this is my first post and it's a doozy...

I own a 162 Skycatcher LSA which has been a great plane until the last year.  Since the last annual in December 2019, it has had a problem with sputtering/hiccuping/momentary loss of power on take off.  The best way to describe it is that it's like instantaneously dropping the power to idle and then it going back to full power.  Happens in a second or less so it's hard to tell what is happening with engine when it happens.  In ...
Good afternoon

i’m contemplating purchasing a 1968 Piper Arrow and during the initial walk around, one of the two exhaust pipes , the rear one, was loose. My purchasing partner and I denied going for a flight for now, for other reasons but taking into account the somewhat light attitude of the owner : “ if something was wrong, my mechanic would have told me” attitude is a loose exhaust a concern on such a model?

thank in advance

E from Laval Qc