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Peter Rauch posted new forum topic
Jul '21

I recently flew my family to Brownsville TX KBRO for a beach vacation in my 206.  The airport is as far south as you can go in Texas and surrounded on three sides by Mexico.  Threshold to boarder distances are 2.5 to 4 miles.  I filed IFR and was able to arrive and depart on runway 13, making sure I made a tight turn northbound upon departure so all was good.   What surprised me was that the RNAV 31 approach has its IAF, IF and FAF all well inside Mexico.   Are there special rules for ...

I just took my PPL check ride last Friday. Passed. I currently own a 172n. I am also a A&P.   My family wants to sell the 172 and get a bigger plane. I am up for a bigger plane, but I want to keep the 172n due to it almost being paid for and also cheap to maintain and fly.   Any advice?  They are wanting something 6. Seater and good useful load