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Hello everyone,

Student pilot here working on my PPl, part 61. I see alot of articles on loans and scholarships for young aviators trying to get into it and that's great, but i feel like i see NOTHING for older people like myself(30s). Anybody know of any great places to get loans or scholarships, or any programs that they are working on for the older generation? Unfortunately some of us started late because of other things or introduced to aviation late in life.. 

ForeFlight users already have a web planner available to them.  For those of us wedded to Garmin Pilot a compatible website extension would be much appreciated.   Both of these iOS based planners are excellent, but GP works better in the airplane with my all Garmin panel.  FF does not work on Android devices while GP does, meaning more AOPA members may utilize a Garmin/AOPA web planner