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Paul Hildebrandt posted new forum topic
Jan '21
I'm a new CFI with just a bit of experience, part time, at a college program.  I'm just starting instruction with a flying club, and I have a meeting with a prospective 16-year-old student and his parents next week.  

Does anyone have some kind of generic permission form to have parents sign for their child to receive flight instruction?  I've tried Googling and searching around on AOPA with no luck.  
I have a 1977 Archer that has had a G5 installed. I was wondering what the requirements are for backup instruments. I'm looking at installing either a second G5 or the new AV-30-C and would like to remove my vacuum system. Where is the required items listed for EFIS backup?

Wanted to put this together since it seems like this website isn't really known about in the GA pilot community and I think it's a great tool that at least every instrument rated pilot should know about.

The Instrument Flight Procedures Information Gateway (IFP Information Gateway) is a tool you can use to get answers to questions on specific procedures. The type of questions that you would use the gateway for would be those that you wouldn't typically be able to get an ...