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Paul Wencko posted new forum topic

Looking for an FAA-approved BATD w/current LOA that I can use/rent in the West Central Florida area to maintain instrument currency.  Not finding many options that does not involve either buying one, having to travel a great distance outside of local commuting area, or needing to sign up at another flight school.  Are there any organizations or individuals who provide BATD’s for rent as a business model?  

Hello, I am a fairly low time non-instrument rated pilot (about 100 hrs now) knocking off the rust from a many year hiatus. I flew about 15 hrs last year some of which was with a CFI. I am really wanting to get back in the groove this year  and fly to new places with my wife.

I was thinking about flying to Brunswick airport which would be about 150 nm flight for me.  Airnav shows the airport to be fairly busy, uncontrolled and has large jet traffic as well. This makes me a little ...
I plan to purchase an airplane with RG (retractable gears) which is considered a high performance aircraft. Can I hire an independent CFI (not a ground /flight school) to teach me flight training lessons for the purpose to acquire my PPL (private pilot license)? This would probably fall under Part 61.
Paul Wencko posted new forum topic
Jan '21
Hello fellow aviators.  Seeking others advice and your ideas on when to make the switch to a new logbook.  I realize most would say when your current logbook has no more pages, but I'm curious for those times when you want to transition to a newer style logbook from a logbook originally produced in the early 70's.  I am using an old Jeppesen style (the small black one that some here would be intimately familiar with - the green-colored pages and never enough room to write ...