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I fly my Cardinal RG, largely only solo since the COVID pandemic started.  However, I also fly CAP C-182's and C-172's for mission crew training, and we follow the CAP guidance on flying with masks and sanitizing the aircraft before and after flights.  As the overall US rates of positive COVID tests have gone up dramatically in the last month, has there been any increase in getting a positive COVID test result that can be traced to sharing a cockpit with another pilot?  A CFI ...
Charles Graham posted new forum topic
Mar '21
There was a recent announcement that iFlightPlanner can now sync flight plans with various EFBs, however it's not obvious on the web app how to set that up. It's not in the iFlightplanner Guide either. i'd like to be able to create a flight plan in iFlightplanner and have it show up in Foreflight. Since I have AOPA enabled in 1800wxbrief, that will give me a way to activate a flight plan by text, where planning a flight on Foreflight alone does not.
After a lot of searching I can't believe how hard it has been to find an answer to what should be a simple question.  How do you conduct the annual ELT inspection and how do you log it.  According to 91.207, all I have to do is remove an access plate (permitted by Part 43, App A), and to comply with 91.207(d):
  1. verify proper installation
  2.  inspect for battery corrosion (and observe battery label for expiration)
  3. operate the controls and activate crash sensor (set to TX and set to ...