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I signed up a PPL candidate today who was already an AOPA member.  He subscribed through the signup page on AOPA ( ).  I had tried to add him through my portal, but could not get it to work.  A short tutorial on the forum here or on the video library would be helpful.  

Now, here's my question. I'm back at home now and wanted to assign his first lesson but I am not seeing him on my ...
Will AFTA work on any iPad and IoS?  
I don't have a simulator at my school, but I can see that I can add aircraft under here as well. Why would I do this? I work freelance. Some of the time I am training out of T74 and using rental aircraft from a rental company there. Some of the time I am training out of GTU using my student's planes. Should these planes be added? Is there a away to assign a student to a specific location?