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Christopher Ritchie posted new forum topic
May '21
I was highly thinking about obtaining a dispatcher certificate...The way I was thinking about approaching this to have a Commercial multi engine rating in hand plus The ground study materials and the written test for aircraft dispatcher in hand. I have look at some dispatcher schools and they are all about the same lay out a total of 2 months for someone with NO aviation experience! But I am obviously different. What would I be look at as far as time frame? From the their web ...
Christopher Ritchie posted new forum topic
May '21
Under section 9A it says Do not interfere with emergency response or law enforcement activities.

Can this be more specific? Does that mean no is to operate a Drone while there is an active Emergency service scene? Does that mean emergency services and their counter parts have priority consideration while you as your own operator can still operate your drone but emergency services can tell you to stop operating?