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Richard Wojciechowski posted new forum topic
Aug '21
Having a problem with iPad overheating inflight in a high wing (Cessna 182), iPad mounted on yoke. Partially due to protective case, but others without the case have similar issues. I see only two products that appear to address the cooling issue, one with a wide range of reviews the other without any reviews and a mega-price. Has anyone done a controlled test of iPad cooling systems? I'm currently using an iPadAir2, willing to consider an iPad without a protective case
I am getting back into flying after a 20-year hiatus.  I am delighted with the tech advancements I'm seeing, especially because I embrace tech eagerly and feel it can enhance both safety and situational awareness for GA pilots (as long as one does not neglect VOR navigation in favour of what seems "easier").  Until I started to re-train, I had never flown with a GPS, moving map or autopilot.

I have a few fairly expensive decisions to make about adopting ForeFlight, so I hope ...