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I've always had the assumption,maybe incorrectly,that in Class D airspace, once the ceiling is 1000' or above and visibility is 3 miles or greater,that the airport is operating VFR, and that's when they turn off the beacon. Under those conditions, when cleared into the Class D, do I:  a.)  I fly at the published pattern altitude,  b.) fly the pattern maintaining cloud clearance of 500' below, or c.) request a special VFR clearance and just remain clear of clouds?
I was under the impression that only ADS-B Out equipped aircraft would show as traffic on a display fed from an ADS-B receiver.  I use a Stratux to send traffic to my iPad using the FlyQ EFB.  The other day we departed an airport with 4 other airplanes in our group, 2 equipped with ADS-B out and 2 with standard Mode C transponders and no ADS-B Out installed.  I was within 5 miles of each aircraft and received all of them on my iPad as traffic.  The 2 ADS-B Out equipped showed their ...

Does anyone else see issues with the list of No-Go meds and the timelines associated with?  You can drink many alcoholic drinks and be good to fly after 8 hours, but if you take 10ml of Benadryl you shouldn't fly for 30 hours!

I have private third class medical and had planned on moving on with basic med.  My question:  I wish to pursue instruction as CFII.  Can this be accomplished with basic med ?  Hurdles?  Please elaborate.
Bruce Hill