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Both fully qualified pilots share the workload of piloting and alternate controls. Who can log as PIC?

Here is yet another good question received in the PIC:

In my logbook, my flight review is due by the end of this month, which is rapidly approaching. However, early last month I received a checkout from a flight instructor in a Cessna 182 Skylane. The flight lasted 1.1 hours and all the normal maneuvers were covered. We also did 1 hour of ground school. With the one hour flight and ground completed, this should satisfy the flight review requirement. Correct?

While the time ...

For me, it was DCA - Washington National. Back in the day (early 1990's), all you needed was a class B (or TCA) clearance to enter VFR. The same for departing.

On one particularly nice, but breezy spring day with the winds out of the east, I was cleared for takeoff on runway 3, maintain runway heading on climb out, until clear of P-56, then on course. On most days with a normal west wind, that clearance would take you just east of P-56. On this day, however, it was clear I would ...