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I'm an experienced CFI and I have discussed this question with many other CFIs and we are split on the correct answer. I wanted to know if there is an FAA official legal interpretation. The question is if an airplane on final has right-of-way over an airplane on base. Side (1) references the first line of (g) “Aircraft, while on final approach to land or while landing, have the right-of-way over other aircraft in flight…”. Side (2) references the second line of (g) which says ...

$250k storm damage was reported when a pilot used those ‘inexpensive', hardware-store, cam-lock-sliding straps (worn & wet) instead of a ‘good’ rope. How is your airplane secured? Or how about the airplane ‘up-wind’ of you ??

I have a place leased at my local airport ans I have enough space to build two 60x60 hangars with about 40' between them, or I can build three 60X60 hangars with joined walls. I will sell 2 of the 3 units. Has anyone seen joined hangars of this size in the past and can you please weigh in with your thoughts pro's and con's? 

I fly my Cardinal RG, largely only solo since the COVID pandemic started.  However, I also fly CAP C-182's and C-172's for mission crew training, and we follow the CAP guidance on flying with masks and sanitizing the aircraft before and after flights.  As the overall US rates of positive COVID tests have gone up dramatically in the last month, has there been any increase in getting a positive COVID test result that can be traced to sharing a cockpit with another pilot?  A CFI ...

With regular frequency, questions come into the PIC with the inquirer looking for a reg citation. We are only happy to oblige. But, what if there is no reg to cite? This one falls into that category, as well as ‘Hmmm. Never really thought about that.’

Let me set the stage for you - Pre-solo student pilot with no medical and no student pilot certificate yet, but has 10 hours of flight training to date. While conducting the preflight, the student notices the fuel is rather low and ...