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This might seem obvious but I just want to make sure... SSRI initial physician and psychiatrist reports are required to be current (within 90 days) when submitted to the FAA. Does that clock stop when FAA receives them? In other words, if the treatment reports are 60 days old when submitted to the FAA, then it takes FAA 200 days to review and decide, will they come back to the Airman and say hey, your treatment reports are no longer current?


I am a prior military aviator who was diagnosed and medically retired for Dysthymic Disorder in the early summer of 2017. I am working to piece together the medical requirements and get an idea of the fight I have ahead to get my medical certificate so I can return to my love of flying and pursue another career in aviation. Any tips and information that could aid in that goal would be greatly appreciated. I have already learned so much from the AOPA community.

I don't ...

Gertrude At AOPA posted new forum topic
Jun '22

Below is the new criteria that AME's will utilize to determine if a medical certificate can be issued with a prior history of situational depression which is categorized further as an adjustment disorder with depressed mood or minor depression.

A. If it was a single episode, 5 or more years ago , and has completely resolved and the AME is able to determine the condition meets all of the following criteria then the AME is able to issue the medical:

1.Was precipitated by an ...

Gertrude At AOPA posted new forum topic
May '22

We've had these two questions coming up more and more frequently as BasicMed continues to grow in popularity.  

The first question, “Can you get paid as a CFI while flying under BasicMed?” is a simple and resounding “YES!" despite what some of your friends at the local FBO have led you to believe.  The reasoning behind that being when you are performing CFI duties you are being compensated for teaching, not flying. 

The second question, “Can you operate as a Safety Pilot ...