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My transponder is out of compliance as it has not been tested per 91.413(a) in the preceding 24 months.  The airplane is otherwise airworthy, and I need to fly it to a maintenance facility to get the testing done.  Per 91.413(a) I understand that I can't “use” the transponder.  91.215(d) describes “ATC authorized deviations” from transponder use requirements.  91.215(d)(2) seems to fit the bill, and it says the request “can be made at any time.”  Trying to understand ...

During an instrument training flight with an instructor, if you have picked up an IFR clearance and are operating under IFR conditions is the instructor the pilot in command in this training scenario?
I'd like to suggest that the AOPA Air Safety Institute look into potential safety and training issues relating to ADS-B IN in the cockpit. I have experienced and recently have heard from others at how easy it is to become fixated on displayed traffic that seem to pose a threat or near threat. Recently I was in very hectic airspace under the control of ATC. I had an assigned altitude and cleared through the bravo. According to my ADS-B in display I had no fewer than 5 or 6 ...
Robert Kelly posted new forum topic
Oct '18
What are others experience with AOPA Aircraft Insurance?