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I am interested in learning what VFR routes people like to fly from Southern California to Denver in 182 or equivalent aircraft. My main area of interest is crossing the continental divide. Thanks for your sharing!
This post was inspired by a recent article published online by AOPA -

Like the title suggests, how many aircraft namesake destinations are there?

Two more examples would be flying a Saratoga to Saratoga, New York, or flying a Tomahawk to Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Get it? How many can we come up with?
Hi all...I am new here and it was suggested I give this a shot! Back in 1967, I learned to fly in a 1965 Cessna 150F, tail number N8035S, out of Hartford. A short time ago, that number just popped into my head after 50+ years - no idea why. I immediately looked it up and it came back as that aircraft, to my amazement! In any case, I have exhausted pretty much all avenues to actually locate her.. I'd love to see her again, if anyone might know where she is based! I was lucky enough to get ...
This will be my first time doing a fly-in so I apologize if this is a newbie question. Does anyone know if we need to bring our own ground anchors for parking at the airport? We have our own hook tie downs, but would need an anchor point if we parked somewhere without one (i.e. on the grass). Thanks!