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OK so now I know how to respond as I am new at this.  I have flown dozens of aircraft types from supersonic USAF trainers  to tail wheel cubs and everything between.  Although I don ‘t own a plane my favorite to fly is a super cub. A A very versatile plane that can take off anywhere there is enough room, wheels. Floats, skis, airports, back country, fields, streets, rocks,  pavement,  etc. etc.  Just look at the variations in Alaska as an example.
I am looking to leave LI, NY and go south like N or S Carolinas, Daytona FL, eastern Tennessee western Georgia. 
Any comments especially someone that has done this. 
Does anyone think that I could remain busy with CFII, CFI,  ASMELS, commercial airplane, glider,  Sport AC, and more
if I offer my services onece I decide where I want to be?