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Grumman infiltrator (the first of many) babbling endlessly about speed and simplicity saying hello from landlocked Indianapolis. I look forward to seeing how the AOPA forums evolve (devolve?) and what types of cliques/gangs appear during its transformation. Remember: YOU are the content, not those folks in Frederick... 

-- Cheetah Pete in Shelbyville (KGEZ)

Emily Meczkowski posted new forum topic
May '17
Get your airplane buying and ownership questions answered by AOPA Finance President, Adam Meredith. Each month he answers questions from members about buying, financing and owning airplanes. You may see your question published on our site or as a feautre article in one of our mangazines. Go ahead and post your question right here or submit it here , and it might be highlighted in an upcoming Adam's Answers content piece.
Emily Meczkowski posted new forum topic
May '17
We speak with members looking to buy their first airplane all of the time. We often find that new buyers are overwhelmed with the steps involved with purchasing and financing an airplane. We put this list together to help prepare new buyers about what to expect, hopefully some of you will find this helpful too!
Emily Meczkowski posted new forum topic
May '17
Hello! I am a private pilote and work with AOPA's aircraft finance department. I am always willing to help pilots with questions related to aircraft purchasing and ownership.

Please feel free to reach out to me with questions or to tell me about your favorite airplane that you have owned. I always love to hear members talk about their flying experiences.  Welcome to the Hangar!