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Hey Brennan,
Yes he is kin and I remember Paul Harvey talking about him. Such a shame he did not have good patent advice and backers. I grimace every time I hear about dot dash....I hope I can drop in down that way sometime. We have a farm in Tompkinsville but I am basically a Georgian even though I live in MD. Also had a relative that ran the Harper’s Ferry Armory 1814-1829. Another had drinking buddies of Washington and Lafayette. We “pioneered” Williamsburg and we were pretty involved in the revolution. Gee, I guess it is my time to do something, ha.
Joe Stubblefield 
My dad used to have an uncle that would fly into the farm and take him for rides in a cub probably in late 30s or early 40s. That farm later became the local airport in Bentonville where I went back and got my tail wheel sign off few years ago. That was the only aviator I heard of in the family but our family was in that region mostly in Missouri and Arkansas.
Joe Stubblefield GAI.
Joe,  Did you have any relatives that flew out of Junction City KS in the 50s.  I do not remeber his first name but
I do remember him flying a Cessna 140 and one event where he decided to challenge a thunder storm.  Made it
back but had a big lump on his head in the turbulence.  Jim PRice,  K78
Hi Joe, are you any relation to Nathan Stubblefield (inventor of radio-telephone) and many other inventions?  If not, you might want to research him.  He did things before MARCONI and TESLA, but he is often forgotten in the history classes, but he was a Kentuckian and we are proud of his inventions that were 100+ years ahead of many others.  Our cell phones today and other inventions are an extension of his work.  I thought you should know that many of his inventions are at Murry State University and your family might want to visit and learn about him.

Best wishes,
Hon. Brennan James Callan, Col.
Aeronautical Scientists