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Doug Wint posted new forum topic
May '19
I'm ready to purchase a portable ADS-B receiver and I'm leaning toward the Sentry based on the carbon monoxide detector and the lower price tag compared to the Stratus. One thing that I wonder is if the Sentry will ever get a flight recorder. I remember that being advertised when it was first released but there is no longer any mention of it. I'm not even sure that it's required anyway as I can just use the track log feature in ForeFlight. Not sure what the difference is.
So, I'm thinking of purchasing a GoPro Fusion (360° camera) and I'd like to do some filming from the wing of my Skyhawk trainer. Has anyone ever done this before? I'm also wondering how I can include cockpit audio through that camera remotely (if that's even possible). Does the GoPro Suction Cup mount work with the Fusion and will it work on the underside of the wing?