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Who can and should make changes to POH required to be carried in a 1979 model Aircraft. My question is especially directed at section 9 supplements.  The most of the equipment listed in section 9 of the aircraft I fly is no longer installed in the aircraft and new equipment installed but not covered in the supplements. Manuals for the equipment are carried with the aircraft.
  1. Hello,  I am so sorry that this awesome Association is dealing with Sunsetting Policies.  My former company did that in June of 1999.My recommendation is to Partner with Foreflight, a Boeing company to include a Portal to their planner, much like what you do for rental cars.
  2. Partner with Seattle Avionics once again.  Since they have connectivity to several panels, pilots could use the browser on AOPA to create their data file for the panel avionics.  Not sure if they ...
Bruce Claremont posted new forum topic
Feb '20
A gray winter Saturday was perfect weather to spend in the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.  Located on the Hamilton International Airport grounds, one could fly there if so desired.  The museum is well worth a visit, containing a nice collection of aircraft representing Canadian military aviation heritage and one of only two flying Lancaster's in the world.  Pictures and story at


Bruce Claremont posted new forum topic
Feb '20
At great personal risk, I was able to surreptitiously obtain this shot of the new prototype Commonwealth stealth fighter.  The retro styling is intended to disguise its true capabilities.  Note the use of non-strategic, low radar profile materials.  In keeping with modern environmental doctrine, the aircraft is 98% recyclable.  Naturally, it is powered by Rolls-Royce new high fiber engine.

We are getting ready to fly to the West Coast from MN. We'd like to cross in the Southern region, fly up the coast, and then fly back a northerly route. I can't discover a good way to find favored routes and altitudes. The one time I did this before, we studied the sectionals and tried threading our way through with predicted obstacles shown on Garmin Pilot. That was tedious though and certainly not an efficient way to plan. I am imagining that there should be a route selection ...