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Kayla Upchurch posted new forum topic
Mar '21
New to using the system and I can't seem to find the lesson prep my instructor assigned to me. Can you help point me in the right direction?
Kayla Upchurch uploaded a file
Jan '18
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Hi - just joining now! 

​Experience:  800 hours in 7AC Champ, 200 hours in North American T-6G, 100 hours in Citabria/8KCAB and another 300 hours in 30 other different types.

​Current airplane:  part owner in T-6G based in Livermore, CA.
Hi everyone,

I am an instrument rated pilot with 200+ hours and am new to the Philly area.  Would like to meet other pilots that might be interested in starting a flying club at Brandywine or Wings.  I would also like to keep current with my rating and would love to fly approaches with anyone that wants to split time in an Archer rental.
Hello everyone. I'm a rusty pilot looking to get back up again. Seriously looking for a share or a club in my area. I live in Norwich CT. If anyone knows of anything in Groton or Windham CT would much appreciate the help. I use to fly and rent out of Newport RI when I lived there. Thank you, Albert.
Hi fellow members!
I'm Mark Confer, owner of Confer's Place (1IN3) airstrip in Fort Wayne, In. After I moved here in 2000, we installed runway lighting with a RS-7 Radio controlled switch, to turn our lights on from the air.This unit has died and I was looking for someone that might be able to repair as I have been unable to find an economical replacement. I have the full schematics of the unit, but not the knowledge to repair. If you are able to help, please email me at, ...
I just updated my profile in the AOPA discussions forum. I've been a member of AOPA for just over 50 years and applaud the organization for all that it has done in keeping the members informed. Our rights as pilots need to be protected and the representation that AOPA and other pilot groups provide is essential to keep us flying. I am the author of a 5 star book on Amazon, "Teaching Confidence in the Clouds" , that promotes using desktop flight simulators in training pilots. I ...
I am a private pilot intested in forming a flying club in South Central Missouri. I currently fly a Piper Tomahawk and would like to move up to a 4-seat ifr equiped aircraft to get an IFR rating. I fly recreationally and occasionally deliver dogs or puppies for a non-profit rescue.