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Kayla Upchurch posted new forum topic
Mar '21
New to using the system and I can't seem to find the lesson prep my instructor assigned to me. Can you help point me in the right direction?
Kayla Upchurch uploaded a file
Jan '18
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435.14 KB
I have what seems to be a non standard street address.  Funny because my mail comes every day.
The forum provides a suggestion which I used to see if I could past the profile and account section. No joy!
Then the next thing I get is I've passed my quota of attempts to correct.
As much as I hate to be negative.
Yes, this is a gripe and I'm pointing out what seems to be a shortcoming of the site which I don't believe will be corrected.
Why not?
Its just that it keeps me from ...
Hi - just joining now! 

​Experience:  800 hours in 7AC Champ, 200 hours in North American T-6G, 100 hours in Citabria/8KCAB and another 300 hours in 30 other different types.

​Current airplane:  part owner in T-6G based in Livermore, CA.