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I see ads for aircraft for sale that will show engine time but with a note that it is hobbs time. 
How does one use Hobbs to determine actual engine time for overhaul?
when pilots announce their positoin to ATC and say example i am 8 miles northeast of airport
is northeast the heading of plane or is it the reverse heading of plane

for instance if you flying to or from the airport and you say i am 8 miles north of airport
can someone help
Thomas Kowalczk posted new forum topic
Oct '19
will somebody please fix the navigation on multiple page threads. When I click on the next page the app loads the new page but does not move to the top which is the logical next place to continue the timeline. 
I have to scroll to the top of the page. A real PITA. 
This is basic stuff guys, lets get it together. 
Please forgive my newbieness!

I'm a new pilot in my 50s (bucket list item) doing homework to buy my first, maybe last plane. Training done in a C172. Aviation for fun, regional trips 2x/month, and the occasional long cross-country. Mission will be solo 60%, dual 30%, more 10%. My priorities are safety>speed>comfort>economy. Anticipate continuing training for IFR (we have clouds in the South), high performance and complex (if necessary). $100K budget with ...